Let’s Rebirth the Postpartum

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I am NOT OK with the postpartum phase being left behind.

I am committed to reframing the postpartum phase, refusing to leave it behind or overlooked. When I ask my clients about their desires for their pregnancy and postpartum journey, they often share a comprehensive list with me. However, this list is often accompanied by a “BUT, that won’t happen, because…… “. This makes me so sad ☹

More often than not, financial constraints emerge as a major obstacle, a struggle I can empathise with, having faced it myself. The prevailing notion that a good mother must selflessly prioritise the needs of others while juggling a shit load of responsibilities has been deeply ingrained in today’s society.

What if we collectively challenged these cultural norms and societal expectations?

Our culture and society fall short in appreciating and honouring the postpartum period. Instead, there’s an undue emphasis on the concept of “bouncing back”, even though what we see on the outside rarely mirror’s what is happening on the inside of our incredible mumma’s. What I am seeing and witnessing in so many cases is the cascading effect of our fragmented, over medicalised system of care, and the effect it is having on our birthing mothers. Throw in unrealistic societal and cultural expectations on top of that and what we have is mentally, physically, and emotionally burnt-out women.

Let’s focus on what we CAN change.

As a part of my approach to postnatal care, I encourage women to unpack their story prior to giving birth. This involves unpicking the cultural influences and imprints that surround them, questioning the expectations placed upon them, and determining whether they align with THEIR own beliefs. I dare them to let all the balls drop, and slowly pick up only the ones that serve them. No more juggling.

Say NO (thank you) to blankets or soft toys –and YES to:

  • A women’s health physiotherapist. Look after your lady bits!
  • A massage
  • A counselling session or two – mental health is everything.
  • A cleaner
  • A doula voucher 

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How can a doula help in pregnancy?

  • Reduces birth related fears
  • More comprehensive, lengthy appointments
  • Ensures continuity of care throughout the antenatal, birth and postpartum periods
  • Provides education, guidance, and support
  • Provides you will ALL your options based on evidence based research
  • Facilitating birth planning/mapping
  • Empowering self-advocacy during labour
  • Aiding in pain management
  • Supplying timely resources and up-to-date information

Why have a doula for birth?

  • More likely to experience spontaneous labour
  • Less likely to require synthetic oxytocin
  • Less likely to request epidurals or medication
  • Less likely to express dissatisfaction with the birth experience
  • More likely to have shorter labour durations
  • Less likely to undergo caesarean sections
  • Less likely to experience instrumental births (forceps or vacuum assisted)
  • Less likely to have a baby with low Apgar scores

The time has come for mothers to reclaim the space they need and deserve and to address the needs of themselves and their baby.

Worried about affordability?

While we often invest substantial sums in wedding planners, extravagant events, baby items and similar expenses, I encourage my clients to make economical choices by opting for second-hand nursery items instead of new ones. Furthermore, reaching out to friends and family for assistance with cleaning and nutritious meals can be invaluable. By reallocating funds saved through these measures, you can invest in much-needed self-care.

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I cannot thank Michelle at Perth Doula Services enough for all of her help and guidance through such a momentous time in our lives.